Check the Calendar: President’s Day

Each month, we feature a holiday or theme from the Customer Engagement Calendar in hopes of supporting our community with social media assets and inspiration for in-store engagement. For February, we’ve put together resources for President’s Day, the first big sale day of the year! A time for patriotic celebration and remembrance, President’s Day also falls on the first three-day weekend since the holidays—a great time to clear out Holiday/Winter inventory and get ready for Spring.

Three Sales Tips

  • Timing – Limit the length of your sale to create a sense of urgency (cashing in on “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) or go in the other direction and draw it out all week long
  • Displays – Prepare distinct displays for the sales event; use end-caps, bargain bins or islands and take advantage of upselling or add-on sales
  • Content – Give your sale a little leg up with a unique take or interesting angle. For instance: celebrate presidents who were also artists (Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Ulysses S. Grant or Dwight D. Eisenhower), or host a themed postcard contest (featuring monuments, national parks, other presidential contributions to society)

Monthly Digital Kit

Look out for your monthly digital kit eblast! The digital kit has everything you need to promote a specific event from the engagement calendar. As you may have noticed, we have been somewhat fixated on social media—see the Use Your Screens in 2019 feature in the Buyer’s Guide and our recent articles on Art Dog about best practices for social media. This is because digital marketing, and the online community that social media builds, is a crucial tool for small businesses. The monthly digital kit includes:

  • A printable flyer to post throughout your store
  • Images ready to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Pre-written posts to accompany images
  • Suggested hashtags

How do you use the Customer Engagement Calendar? Snap a pic of where you hang it, post it online and tag us @macphersonofficial or better yet, send us pictures of calendar-inspired events, demos and displays; email us at artdogblog (@) macphersonart.com.

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