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Faber – Castell – Unleash Creativity Outdoors: Exciting Craft Kits for Kids

As the sun beckons and the backyard becomes a canvas for adventure, it’s the perfect time to engage your child’s imagination with crafts that not only stimulate their creativity but also encourage them to embrace the great outdoors. Here are three delightful craft  

kits from Faber-Castell’s Creativity for Kids line that promise hours of fun while exploring nature.

Build and Paint Bird Feeder 

Bring the joy of birdwatching to your backyard with the Build and Paint Bird Feeder kit.  This craft not only lets children explore their artistic side by painting and decorating their own feeder but also fosters a love for nature as they observe the birds flocking to their creation. With easy-to-follow instructions and durable materials, this kit ensures that kids can enjoy the fruits of their labor for seasons to come. 

Kit comes with pine plywood bird feeder, acrylic paint in nature inspired colors, fine tip paint brush, 3 large suction cups, rope, and silicone glue. Assembling your wooden bird feeder is simple with slot and tab construction. Once assembled, use the weather-proof acrylic paint to decorate it in your own unique way! Ages 6+. 

Butterfly Fairy Door 

Transport your child into a world of enchantment with the Butterfly Fairy Door kit. As they decorate and personalize their very own fairy door, imagination takes flight,  creating endless stories of magical creatures and secret adventures. When displayed outdoors, this charming craft adds a touch of whimsy to any garden or green space.  

Paint and decorate your own enchanted fairy door with weather-resistant paint and a variety of fairy accessories such as a welcome rock, gravel path, foam mushroom, tulle butterflies, faux flower,s and more! The beautiful wooden door opens and closes to reveal a ready to customize interior that you can personalize with paint, a mirror, and wooden accents. Recommended for ages 6+. 

Hide and Seek Rock Painting 

Turn ordinary rocks into works of art with the Hide and Seek Rock Painting kit. This activity not only sparks creativity but also encourages children to spread joy as they hide their painted rocks for others to find. Whether it’s a colorful design, a cheerful message, or a quirky character, each rock becomes a small treasure waiting to be discovered, promoting outdoor exploration and community engagement in a playful and  imaginative way. 

This rock painting kit for kids ages 6+ gives you everything you need to paint, decorate  and hide rocks! Included are 10 natural river rocks, weather-resistant paint (8 colors),  waterproof transfer designs, 2 paint brushes, a transfer sponge, and instructions. Hide 

your painted rocks throughout your community and post them online for your friends to view! 

Creating Memorable Experiences 

Fostering creativity in children is not only about providing them with tools and materials but also about creating opportunities for them to explore and express themselves. With these Creativity for Kids craft kits, children can unleash their imagination while connecting with the natural world around them. 

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