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    Demo Day With Excel: Floral Wall Decoration

    Excel Blades is excited to share a new video made by artist and influencer Maria Marinoni for Paper Crafting Month. Maria shows you a very simple floral project and papercutting technique with a few tools. You do have the option to add the colored background however, it is not necessary. Free your imagination and doodle as you want. When you’re done, follow the contours with your blade and poke the paper out to give it a 3D effect.  Whether you want to use the white paper or a color, the outcome will be beautiful! Materials Excel Blades K1 Aluminum Knife…

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    Erase for More: Introducing Sakura of America’s New SumoGrip Electric Eraser

    Compact, Cordless and Capable: The SumoGrip (SKEE3000) is the electric eraser of choice for many professional illustrators, animators, and architects alike. It has been redesigned to a rounder and more ergonomic body for longer periods of use while maintaining precise pinpoint accuracy. As part of the SumoGrip family line, the pocket-sized eraser provides a firm grip and is best known for its high eraser capability and durability. Unlike bulky AC electric erasers, the AAA battery-powered motor ditches the cord and weighs only 2.9 ounces. With over 10,000 RPM, the strong torque makes it easy to remove graphite marks and create…

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    3 DIY Holiday Cards with Jess Park

    3 DIY Holiday Greeting Cards with Jess Park from strathmoreartist on Vimeo. Strathmore is excited to share a new video made by artist and influencer Jess Park. Jess used Strathmore Watercolor Cards and NEW Mixed Media Postcards to create three different DIY holiday cards that anyone can follow along to for some joyous holiday greetings! Download and share the video with your customers. Each card lesson comes with a full supply list making it easy for artists to get exactly what they need and feel inspired to make a handmade greeting. Set up an in-store make and take event or share…

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    New Jacquard Store Locator

    Jacquard Products is launching a brand-new website in January 2019, and one of the many new and improved components is an updated, state-of-the-art Store Locator. Jacquard has invested in this important tool to help drive business to your stores and websites, so we encourage you to take advantage of it! The Jacquard website gets over 1,400 visitors each day, and many of those visitors are looking to make a purchase. Jacquard does not sell directly from their website; however, “Where to buy” buttons are now included on each product page that direct visitors to local retailers. That is why it…

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    INTERMISSION on The Bowery/Houston Wall, NYC

    “We interrupt this program for a brief Intermission”. And this time the “INTERMISSION” is brought to you by none other then US artist Tristan Eaton on the Bowery/Houston wall in New York City. The wall which has now become famous for its heavy weight mural work by artists at the top of their game has been given a reflective yet forward thinking face lift by Eaton. A stunning patchwork of symbols, abstraction and color, INTERMISSION is an eye catcher to say the least, with a constant flow of traffic slowing down trying to process all that they are seeing. With…

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    Two Reminders From GOLDEN

    Winter B-T-S Promotional Period GOLDEN Acrylics and Williamsburg Oils can be advertised up to 40% off every day beginning on 01/01/19 and concluding on 02/8/19. Please contact the GOLDEN Sales Department directly with any questions. Holiday Schedule Reminder Golden Artist Colors will be closed both Monday, December 24 and Tuesday, December 25 for Christmas. We will also be closed on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1 for the New Year’s holiday. Please plan your needs accordingly. Submitted by GOLDEN Artist Colors, Inc.

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    New Videos from GOLDEN: QoR Watercolor

    We recently added four new videos to our Video Library that we think your customers will be interested in. Videos are quick and easy content to share on Facebook and a great way to boost your organic reach. Please visit our YouTube or Vimeo page to check them out! Transparent Pyrrole Orange QoR Transparent Pyrrole Orange is a clear, bright color, perfect for glazing and mixing. Ideal for creating the warm golden glow of a fiery sunrise or sunset or for mixing with Cobalt Green to create a beautiful speckled weave of green and orange. QoR Transparent Pyrrole Orange Watercolor…

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    DIY Wrapping Paper with Krink

    Use Krink to create DIY wrapping paper! Krink paint and ink markers are permanent, opaque, and come in a range of colors. They are a fun and easy way to make a great looking present! Please feel free to share these images to inspire your customers this holiday season. Krink is handmade in the USA. Submitted by Krink, Inc.