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Advertising Assets for QoR and GOLDEN Acrylic Expansions

We have created an advertising guide and several ad images to aid retailers in their advertising efforts of our QoR, OPEN, Heavy Body and Fluid expansions. There are also ads available for the 2023 SoFlat expansion and the QoR Ali Cavanaugh Portrait Set. If you need assistance with advertising, please reach out to GOLDEN Marketing by emailing to schedule a consultation. New colors are now shipping!

View and download advertising guide and images here. 

View and download QoR swatches and videos here.

View and download Fluid videos here.

View and download Heavy Body videos here.

New from – Using PanPastel Artist Pastels on Acrylic Grounds

PanPastel has been with us for over a year and it’s high time that we explore the many possibilities of the pastels over acrylics. PanPastel offers some unique application and mark making options that can’t be achieved with our wet acrylic color and non-color products. That being said, GOLDEN products like Gels, Pastes and Grounds can provide a unique opportunity when using PanPastel.

What we wanted to know was, how well PanPastel could be layered over these surfaces and later be erased again? Which of these grounds lend themselves to details and which allow ‘only’ for rough mark making?

Read the article here. 

Made in Paint 

The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation presents Made in Paint ELEVEN, featuring the artists from the 2023 Golden Foundation Residency Program. The exhibition will open on April 13 and run through June 2024. 

Dina Abdulkarim, Miguel Arzabe, Natasha Campbell, Laura Colomb, Jan Dickey, Perky Edgerton, Joy Gerrard, Emily Gherard, Susan Hoffer, Genna Howard, Lynne McDaniel, Carol Prusa, Emma Roche, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Debra Weisberg, Jamele Wright, Sr., Haoyun Erin Zhao and Deborah Zlotsky

The 18 artists who attended the residency last year were selected by an independent selection committee tasked with reviewing over 600 applications for 18 residency spots. These artists pushed the boundaries of their work over the four weeks they joined us in Upstate, NY. They experimented with new materials, dove deep into conversations with the Materials & Applications Specialists at Golden Artist Colors and played and discovered new avenues to venture down when they returned back to their home studios, for years to come. We hope you’ll join us for our eleventh annual show of Made in Paint!

The application for the 2025 season will open on our website this spring. You can view the artist interview series here. 

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