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Gamblin – The First American Colorhouse to be B-Corp Certified

Our journey began in Robert Gamblin’s garage, 44 years ago. Through it all, we have held tightly to two things. First, listening. Everything truly great we have accomplished is rooted in deep listening to artists, museum conservators, channel partners, and the pigments we craft our colors with. Second, our values. Who we are as people and as a colorhouse. 

For the last 17 years, I have run Gamblin in a way that I hope would make artists, channel partners, and our moms proud. I cannot be any more honest with you than that. 

We continue to be guided by our Brand Promise. Bearing that in mind, and listening to artists, it was clear that becoming a Certified Benefit Corporation aligned with who we are, to the core. I’m proud to announce that Gamblin is the 1st American colorhouse to become a Certified B-Corp!

I’m also proud to say that Gamblin ranks well above average, across the board, for comparably-sized Certified B-Corps, for all U.S. B-Corp Certified companies, and for all B-Corp Certified manufacturers of any size.

B-Corp to the Core

We have long committed ourselves to being a force for good. Our colorhouse has met the highest standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We believe that we must lead and that we must be the change we seek in the world. We have done that in oil painting and in how we live, lead, and grow as a colorhouse.

As we have always done, we explicitly and fiercely take our community, people, partners, and the planet we share into account for every decision we make. Is this new for us? No. Profit has been a consideration…part of being sustainable is sustaining ourselves and our people’s livelihoods. Profit, however, has never been at the center of our thinking or our actions.

Everyone at Gamblin shares in our profits. Every single person here, part-time and full-time, receives medical, dental, and healthcare benefits.

Every single employee at Gamblin makes a living wage. Gamblin makes the maximum matching retirement contribution allowed. For most employees, this means Gamblin is matching their retirement savings dollar-for-dollar.

New employees receive four and a half weeks of vacation, in addition to paid sick leave. After two years, employees receive five and a half weeks of vacation, in addition to paid sick leave. After 8 years, all full-time employees receive a paid, 8-week sabbatical. 

Everyone on the team receives tax-free, cash benefits to support their wellness and that of their family totaling $2,000 per year. We have embraced work-from-anywhere, so our people can build a life that work supports, rather than a life built around supporting work. Our people have the freedom to adventure, live their dreams, and spend more time with those closest to them. 

A Higher Standard. 

The things I mention above are just a beginning and the things that are easy to explain.  I worked to own and run my own company so I could make something that mattered and make it exactly right. And so I could build and treat people, and their families, the way I wanted to. Most certainly not the way most companies do.

One of the things I love about the space we are in is that values matter and integrity is valued. We see it and respect it in the artists, channel partners, conservators, and suppliers we work with. I know you see it in us. Game recognize game. With that recognition comes a responsibility that we will always live up to.

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