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    Poll: Which Art Dog Makes You Bark?

    The Painter and his Pug, William Hogarth, 1745. From the collection of Tate Britain. Whether you are new to the art supply industry or you’ve been around the block but just never really “got” our name, here’s the scoop. From stunning photographs to iconic sculptures and paintings, dogs have captured the attention of humans since the first known cave paintings. Not only did pooches play a crucial role in our evolutionary process, they are our faithful companions who comfort us in times of need, inspire us with their curiosity and keep us present in the here and now. So when…

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    Art Dog of the Month: Hope

    Hope is Dragon’s Den Art’s store mascot! She is an eight year old rescue Labrador who joined Dragon’s Den, located in Penticton, British Columbia, three years ago. Her favorite medium is (clearly) chalk pastels. She uses her tail to blur all the blackboard signs for “artistic effect.” When she is not sound asleep on her sofa, she enjoys hiking with her pack: Skye the little Aussie and Milo the dachshund, who also work part-time in Dragon’s Den. Her human, shop owner Jeanette Beaven, elaborates: “Hope walks the staff (me) on my good-for-me walk around the neighborhood every morning before we…

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    Art Dog of the Month: Misty

    Misty is our President & CEO Dave Schofield’s sweet golden retriever (who evidently, is also an avid Packer’s fan)! She just turned 8 years old and is enjoying the sunshine in San Diego, CA. We thought we’d celebrate Misty in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up this week; turns out the holiday is a big part of her story: “What made getting Misty even more special was that my wife Lindsay (back then, my girlfriend) surprised me on Valentines Day with the best gift ever: an adorable puppy. That was when I knew I had to marry her!” When Dave’s…

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    Art Dog of the Month: Faithful Copper

    Introducing Copper, the ambassador of Blaine’s Art Supply! Her human Dave and his wife Renee rescued her from death row when she was just a puppy. “There are people who come here just to pet her. Little kids are eye to eye with her, she won’t lick their face, steal their food… she’ll come up and lean against someone until they decide to pet her,” Dave explains affectionately. Since Alaska’s state sport is mushing (dog-sledding), dog-friendly establishments are much appreciated; Copper greets customers at the door, pokes her head into the classroom to say hello and stands obediently at the…

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    Art Dogs (& Cats!) of the Month: Mia’s Furry Family

    MacPherson’s Account Manager Mia Fesmire does a lot of fostering, a practice that for animal-lovers leads to adopting, and a constantly expanding family. “Right now we have a pretty full house. And everyone in the family loves animals; if I had land I would probably get a goat, a cow and a pig.” The dogs: Bella the nine year old chocolate lab and Julian, the twelve year old Chihuahua. Both are flaunting their festive wear in anticipation of the holiday season. Mia has always loved animals; her family had a dog growing up but her parents hated cats. “I would…

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    Art Dog of the Month: Zeus

    The God of Thunder is a little camera shy… Zeus is the chief pup of Forstall Art Center in Birmingham, Alabama. He was rescued about 13 years ago when he was around two years old. He has modeled for the store’s PR materials with great success (see the handsome snapshot of a 4th of July advertisement). He used to work full time in the store but has now gone to part time work, greeting customers in the afternoon and patrolling the store. Zeus has made a lot of friends with customers over the years, artsy locals who bring him treats,…

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    Art Dog Of The Month: Cody

    Introducing this month’s Art Dog, Cody—a spunky people-loving pup from North Hollywood, CA. He is just about three and was rescued from the East Valley Shelter in LA by his humans Jenia and Chris Hauser of Carter Sexton Art Supplies. Jenia gives us the scoop on his hairdo, what he loves and his deepest, darkest fears… “Cody’s hair color change was a BIG surprise to his mom and his brother Zack. They went out of town for a weekend in July and came home to a blue dog with a mohawk. Chris Hauser’s creative genius in action. Needless to say…

  • Image by: Cathy Denny
    Art Dog of the Month

    Art Dog Of The Month: Q

    We are pleased to feature a member of the Mac Fam for this month’s Art Dog! Q is Merchandise Manager Cathy Denny’s beloved pup. Possibly a Rottweiler of some kind, Q was in a high kill animal shelter earlier this year when Cathy and her husband discovered him. Q likes to sit in on team meetings, partake in distracting .GIFs (very silly mini-videos that loop constantly) and hang out under our desks.