• Who's Who

    Who’s Who: Corinne Smith, The Designer Behind The Guide

    Who’s Who is a feature that showcases a member of our industry community who is doing an incredible job. If you would like to nominate someone for a Who’s Who feature, please email us at artdogblog (@) macphersonart.com with their name, position, company and a short description of why you would like to nominate them. Historically our Buyer’s Guide has had one designated project manager, or “quarterback,” as our CEO Dave Schofield would say. Six years ago Corinne Smith took the reigns, infusing the cover design with her curiosity, hands-on approach and love of craft. In addition to the covers,…

  • In Your Store

    This Just In: Check The Calendar

    As you may already be aware, the Winter Back-To-School Buyer’s Guide is here! Folded inside the front cover you’ll find a resource that will keep you brainstorming, demoing and connecting with customers throughout 2019: the Customer Engagement Calendar. It is peppered with the mainstay Holidays, niche art-related celebrations, Days of The Year and themed months. Let’s take a look at January and get the creative juices flowing. National Handwriting Day January has three major themes: hobby, papercrafting and handwriting. We suggest choosing one theme to focus on throughout the month, based on what is popular with your customers. Depending on…

  • In Your Store

    Building Your Kits Program, Step By Step

    In my time as a buyer and retail manager, before I came to MacPherson’s, a dedicated member of our retail team actively worked on building and maintaining kit business for at least five months out of every year. From reaching out to teachers and following-up, and following-up…and following-up, to picking brands and price points for professors unfamiliar with the options available, to ordering and finding appropriate replacement items, to assembling, spot checking and labeling kits, to distributing them to students and their parents unfamiliar with the uses or costs of materials…it’s tough work. With every kit success came many (many)…

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    Products By Personality: Customer Gift Guide

    The classic question this time of year: “My cousin/sister-in-law/friend/neighbor is an artist, what should I get them?” Gifters may not be familiar with the supplies and mediums their giftee prefers; providing an endcap or featured table in the form of a “Gift Guide” helps point customers in the right direction—without needing a staff member to walk them through the entire world of art supplies in three minutes. In an effort to encourage and inspire, we’ve created a selection of products for five creative personalities your customers might be shopping for: The Dedicated Artist, The DIY Crafter, The Young Creative, The…

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    Inktober For Everyone!

    In 2009, illustrator Jake Parker set out to challenge himself for the month of October: create a work of art in pen and ink each day, and share it online. He dubbed it with the catchy name “Inktober” and got to work. Nearly ten years later, tens of thousands of artists are a part of the Inktober community. 31 drawings in 31 days, all under the hashtag “#inktober,” the artwork spans from fantastical to realistic, lettering to abstract. As long as it’s ink, it qualifies. Each day of #Inktober has a corresponding prompt to tackle creative blocks; see the list…

  • Vendor Voices

    Powerful Engagement Tools: Art Demos Videos from Strathmore

    When engaging with customers and artists, well-curated content and interactive video are the king and queen contenders. Strathmore is excited to share 3 new art demo videos made by professional artists Minnie Small, Lena Danya, and Graham Smith. These three artists have earned the title of influencer – someone who has access to a large audience and impacts purchasing decisions by sheer virtue of their authenticity. The best part? You are free to download these videos and use them in your stores, on your website and on your social media channels. This is a royal lineup of content and video that will drive…

  • Vendor Voices

    New Video Details Unique Product Application from GOLDEN

    Encaustic painting is popular, but somewhat complicated to set up. Achieve the look of Encaustics using GOLDEN Matte Gels and Mediums – no heating, fusing or waxy clean up necessary. Share this new video with your customers or follow along to create an in-store demo! Learn how with this new video in the Video Library. More videos coming soon, so please check back!  Achieving an encaustic look with Golden Matte Mediums from Golden Artist Colors on Vimeo. Submitted by Golden Artist Colors

  • Vendor Voices

    New Videos Detail New Products from GOLDEN

    This year GOLDEN has launched several new products and is excited to share some new videos with you! Four new videos have been added to the Video Library that your customers might find interesting and valuable. You can find them here and be sure to share. More videos coming soon, so please check back often! Williamsburg New Colors NEW COLORS from Williamsburg! from Golden Artist Colors on Vimeo. Cobalt Teal The Return of Genuine Cobalt Teal from Golden Artist Colors on Vimeo. Benzimidazolone Yellow NEW Benzimidazalone Yellows from Golden from Golden Artist Colors on Vimeo. Light Value Colors 7 New…