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Happy National Handwriting Day!

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, and we’d like to share a demo by artist Shayda Campbell: how to turn favorite quote into a beautiful work of art. Try it out today and set up a try table tomorrow with whatever you come up with; make testers out of various lettering pens, markers and surfaces to inspire customers to participate. 

Check out Shayda’s YouTube page for more art tutorials; discover projects involving painting, drawing, hand-lettering and more. We leave you with a quote from Shayda, a nice reminder that supporting creatives in any way we can is essential, meaningful work:

“Making the artifacts of our everyday life, things like cookies, calendars or greeting cards, into things of beauty is an important task. It’s uplifting… There are so many benefits to everyday creativity; because creativity is play, anyone can do it.”

Snap pics of what your customers make tomorrow and share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #NationalHandwritingDay!

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