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Art Dog of the Month: Hope

Hope is Dragon’s Den Art’s store mascot! She is an eight year old rescue Labrador who joined Dragon’s Den, located in Penticton, British Columbia, three years ago. Her favorite medium is (clearly) chalk pastels. She uses her tail to blur all the blackboard signs for “artistic effect.”

When she is not sound asleep on her sofa, she enjoys hiking with her pack: Skye the little Aussie and Milo the dachshund, who also work part-time in Dragon’s Den.

Her human, shop owner Jeanette Beaven, elaborates:

“Hope walks the staff (me) on my good-for-me walk around the neighborhood every morning before we open. The first few people coming in in the morning get thoroughly checked for cookies. When there is a crowd in the store Hope can be found behind the counter by the cash register; she accepts kibble, not cash. Kibblecoin, not bitcoin. Hope would like it on record that she has never bitten a tube of paint or chewed a pencil!”

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