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Art Dog Of The Month: Stella

Stella, a Cairn Terrier (also known as a Toto dog), comes our way via Molly Johnston, MacPherson’s Vice President & Director of People. Stella has been been part of Molly’s life for 7 years now. “I had just lost my big dog Gus after 14 years,” Molly says. “I was going to shelters to hold puppies. I wasn’t ready to get a new pup but I missed Gus so much.” Then on New Year’s Eve during one of her puppy fixes, Molly met Stella. Just three months old and six pounds, she had the same personality & spirit as Gus. “We have been in each other’s lives since!”

“Stella’s main purpose in life is love,” Molly says. Stella looks you in the eye and is ready to cuddle, any time, any place. “After she meets a new person she will prance off like she just had the best moment in her life. Then she looks back at me as if to say, ‘Look, I made a new friend!’” When Stella graces the Emeryville office with her presence you’ll be sure to find her belly up, tail wagging, ready for a cuddle.

Fun fact: Molly’s dog walker takes Stella and all of her friends on art walks of San Francisco! She’s known for photographing all of her canine clients in front of iconic murals and cultural centers throughout the city.

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