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Poll: Which Art Dog Makes You Bark?

The Painter and his Pug, William Hogarth, 1745. From the collection of Tate Britain.

Whether you are new to the art supply industry or you’ve been around the block but just never really “got” our name, here’s the scoop.

From stunning photographs to iconic sculptures and paintings, dogs have captured the attention of humans since the first known cave paintings. Not only did pooches play a crucial role in our evolutionary process, they are our faithful companions who comfort us in times of need, inspire us with their curiosity and keep us present in the here and now.

So when it comes to the art supply industry, an ever-changing industry with a ton of history, myriad cultural influences, diverse mediums and a varied collection of creative philosophies…it helps to have a metaphorical furry companion (us) to get you through, week by week, with industry news and know how.

Which brings us to our second question: which Art Dog makes you bark? We’re testing out a new poll feature and we thought why not include a little art and a little dog. Check out the poll (located on the sidebar) and let us know what you think!

Want more Art Dogs in your life? See if your favorite artist had a furry companion, and check out our Pinterest page for more iconic pups. And for all you cat-people out there (it’s in my NDA, I can’t take sides publicly), I leave you with this gem.

Vincent van NO by Aja Trier

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