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ARCHES®, Sought After Since 1492

A bit of positive news in the art industry!

It’s official:

North American art supply destinations in the US and Canada will play a key role in advancing the venerable ARCHES® brand for years to come.

The Dixon Ticonderoga Company of Appleton WI, a member of the FILA Group, secured the development and distribution of ARCHES® fine art papers in early 2020.

Our care and control from manufacturing to delivery will provide maximum value for our customer partners and impactful social media programs will highlight the brand for the next generation. Known for producing fine art paper around the world since 1492, ARCHES® products are used by a vast number of artists and publishers on all continents.

The right mixture of carefully selected fibers is the quintessence of ARCHES® papers and has been their guarantee of quality for over 500 years. The cylinder mould gives a unique natural appearance to the papers. Each production cycle goes through a battery of tests and inspections which guarantee the paper’s undisputed quality.

The strength and elegance of the paper, along with the increased accessibility through our valued retail partners – means ARCHES® will be there for artists creating the master works of the future.

Submitted by Dixon Ticonderoga

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