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A Drawing a Day with Crescent’s Creative Director Jack Dempsey

During the Illinois “stay-at-home” order, Jack Dempsey, Crescent’s Creative Director, has embarked on doing a drawing-a-day in his RENDR Sketchbook. These drawings are posted on the Crescent Artists Facebook Page.

Jack says, “A drawing-a-day in my Crescent RENDR sketchbook, ‘RENDRman’ has the superpower of a sketchbook paper that can have any media used on him and it won’t show through on the other side. Use both sides of the paper and create up, up and away!”

I hope you will take a break from your routine and check out Jack’s drawing-a-day. Feel free to like and share with your customers and friends.

Share these and all of Jack’s Crescent Artists Facebook posts with your customers and use them any way you would like in your social media campaigns.

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