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What’s Hot: Creative Retail Trends

Introducing What’s Hot: Creative Retail Trends, a trend report from Heather Blaikie, Director of Merchandising & Product. Discover important trends and stay tuned for projects, merchandising suggestions and more education material throughout the year, on Art Dog, in the Buyer’s Guide and at Dealer Workshop!

Conscious Consumers

Concern for the environment, the contents of materials and the workers making products has risen consistently in the last year. Artists and Creative Makers look for sustainably produced and natural products to use in their work. 

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy‘s in-house trend expert reports artists and makers “want to use recycled materials or natural dyes [for example].” In searches on Etsy, there has been a 43 percent year-over-year increase across all categories for items that are more eco-friendly.”

Craft Trends to Watch for in 2020 on 

Pinterest reports these related increases amongst their users:

  • Climate change protest signs, +5961%
  • Low-waste lifestyle, +446%
  • Eco-friendly product swaps, +172%
  • Thrifted home decor, +308%
  • Ocean trash art, +39%

Manufacturers are responding by reducing odors or harmful substances such as Cadmium. Retailers including Macy’s, REI and MacPherson’s customer Starlandia are offering resale items alongside new products. 

Look for products that fit into this trend in MacPherson’s Fall/BTS 2020 Buyer’s Guide. 

Empowering Women

Closely tied to the eco-conscious consumer is that of women empowerment. We are seeing the results of findings such as those found by a survey of 1,000 Americans by Cone Communications in 2017 found that 84% of consumers want companies to support women’s rights and 87% said they would buy a product because a company stood up for an issue they cared about.

The Women’s Marches of the last four years have led to a continued presence of products encouraging, inspiring and celebrating women in the U.S. 

Messages of Women Empowerment on Books, Home Decor, Apparel and Accessories were seen at NY NOW &  The Stationery Show in January, and continue to gain floorspace at retail. Businesses see an increase in sales when calling out the fact that they are women-owned. Look for products that fit into this trend in MacPherson’s Fall/BTS 2020 Buyer’s Guide. 

Re-imagining Macrame

As we enter the 2020’s, we revisit trends of the 1970’s. Macrame’s presence in Home Decor, Fashion, Wedding Decor and Maker Projects has been growing the last few years, and appears to be peaking in 2020. Artists are updating the knotting fiber art by dying natural fibers to create stunning works of art. The calming nature of knotting soft fibers makes macrame a great project for reducing stress and Art Therapy. 

Look for products and inspiration to engage Artists and Creative Makers at MacPherson’s Dealer’s Workshop. 

Hot Icon: The Recolored Rainbow

Across the US and in Europe, rainbows are everywhere from Kids Products to Art Supplies and Home Decor. The modern rainbow is more subtle than the traditional ROY G. BIV, with Coral, Peach, Pink, and Turquoise. 

Merchandising products such as colored pencils, craft supplies, and paper in one of these spectrums can give a new look to an older assortment. 

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