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Art Dogs of the Month: Christy’s Co-Working Buds Maisy and Piper

These two industry Art Dogs are hard at work at home! Maisy and Piper belong to Christy McCollum, MacPherson’s Account Manager, and her family. Christy is located in Central Illinois where she works out of a home office; she works with over 150 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. With so many accounts, she really needs two top notch assistants—and luckily Maisy and Piper fit the bill!

Sniffing around on their lunch break. Maisy keeping watch as orders are processed.

“My beloved Miniature Schnauzer Maisy is nearly four; she is by my side 24/7. She thinks she’s the third child, and the queen of the world. She is so sweet to my husband and me and my kids, but when someone rings the doorbell she acts like she will destroy them! We’ve always called her ‘Professor VonSchnauzer.’

Maisy is a little crabby and really likes to lay in her chair.  She’s so serious, she sits in the office like she’s security. When someone comes in and I’m on the phone she looks at them like, “Not now, she’s busy.” She surely has absorbed plenty of art industry information through osmosis, listening to hundreds of my phone conversations with customers and vendors from her beloved chair in my office.”

Piper is much more ambitious and wants to be directly involved in the daily agenda. She won’t lay on a soft bed, or even a comfy lap: she wants to be in the thick of it, on top of the most important pile of papers. “Piper is my parents’ one year old Morkie,” Christy explains. “She’s five pounds and that’s as big as she’ll get. I’ve been on babysitting duty lately and Piper has been quite the office assistant. She is only happy napping on my desk and makes the cutest the paperweight!”

Having two full time assistants is great for business; except when Christy glimpses a lone FedEx or UPS truck winding up the country road they live on. It’s go time. “I have to mute the phone and run into the other room!” She laughs. “Because clearly, all five pounds of Piper, and the stoic professor, will eat the UPS driver. Or at least bark incessantly until he is on his way again.”

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