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Art Dog of the Month: Lacey

Lacey is the shop dog at Village Art, an art and craft supply store in Santa Rosa, CA, run by Lacey’s humans Zak and Kristen. The 3 ½ year old Chihuahua rules the roost, adopted after their beloved dog Kumi passed away unexpectedly.

“Lacey is great with adults but she does kind of play hard to get. She has her favorite customers that usually bring some sort of treat for her. If she is in her sling, she usually gets overlooked. Then someone will see her and say ‘Oh my gosh, you have a dog!’”

“She is very relaxed and mellow, especially for a little dog. She is very attached to Zak and I, so you will very rarely she us without her. She’s the boss and a “huge” part of our family.”

Lacey’s favorite activity?

“Going to the bank. As soon as she hears the word, she is at the door ready to go. It’s not even about treats! She just loves the socializing part, all the attention she gets from the tellers…she is their favorite customer.”

Fun fact: Lacey has a doppleganger on a greeting card in the store! Happy spring!

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