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Art Dog of The Month: Luna, Isaly’s Furry Valentine

This month we are delighted to feature the best kind of Valentine…

Assistant Category Manager Isaly Murrell’s pup Luna!

Luna is an angel-baby-husky mix Isaly found on an online rescue site. She and her sister were abandoned in the countryside in central California at five weeks old. They were found covered in ticks and fleas and were brought back to health at a non-profit spay and neuter clinic. 

“Since I was a kid I always wanted my own dog and eight-year-old me said I’m naming my first dog Luna, it just so happened to fit her perfectly. I had been looking on and off for a while (for years!) but always thought, ‘now’s not the time’ to adopt since there are so many uncertainties during this time… but when I saw her I just knew! I drove four hours south the next day to get her. I adopted her at ten weeks old in October and she is now six months old! She is a handful but also wicked smart. She picks up new things quickly like learning new tricks; high five, play dead, crawl, and more!”

We are celebrating who and what we love extra hard this month, and Luna makes it easy! She’s full of happiness and joy:

“Luna enjoys riding in the car to new places and going on long adventures. She was born for the outdoors and hiked her first eight-mile climb at three months old. She likes to be on the water kayaking, but not in the water! She loves to RUN and run alongside me while I bike. PLAY, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT! She destroys toys in minutes and loves other dogs. She wishes she could play all day with our cat Pepper and does not always take the hint “no”…they are on their way to being friends despite Pepper’s face of disgust.”

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