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Art Dogs of the Month: Artwork’s Lily & Stumpy

Meet Lily and Stumpy, the unofficial mascots and official greeters at Artworks Art and Frame in Excelsior, Minnesota.

The senior of the two is Lily, a Rat Terrier with a lot of energy. Yes—she has caught a mouse or two! “She can be quite vocal about her opinions,” Shop co-owner and pup mom Jane Hart says. Lily loves to chase her Frisbee and have you spray the hose for her in summer—in winter she prefers to burrow into a blanket on Jane’s lap.  Sometimes though, Lily can get annoyed with her “little brother” if he wants Jane’s attention. She doesn’t like to share.

Which brings us to…

Larry our mail man, and some of our delivery drivers have treats stashed in their pockets, so they are especially welcomed .

Stumpy! Stumpy is a sweet 8 year old Corgi. He’s very expressive: you can tell if he’s happy or sad. A herding breed, sometimes he actually herds his family about the house. “He will bump us from behind and even lightly nips at the back of our legs.” He’s just doing his job!

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