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Winsor & Newton’s International Artist in Residence: Kyle Gallup

Winsor & Newton’s International Artist in Residence Program welcomes Kyle Gallup, an American artist living and working in New York. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, family road trips took in the bright sunsets of Montana, the vast plains and skies of Wyoming and animate forms in the Utah desert, leaving her with a lasting love of wide-open landscapes. After studying figure drawing at Washington University and an apprenticeship with a local weaver, Kyle relocated to the west coast of Ireland, where she turned to watercolors to paint the pastoral landscapes around her. After time in France, a BFA from Tufts University and Diploma in Studio Arts from the Boston Museum School, Kyle has developed an unconventional approach to landscapes. Her work is a combination of observation, experience and memory and she paints intuitively with color that is expressive, imaginative and free from the laws of nature.

At the start of 2019 Kyle was invited to London to be part of Winsor & Newton’s International Artist in Residence Programme. As part of her preparation, Kyle studied images of London’s urban landscape, particularly focusing on the changing weather over the River Thames. Stretches of urban water are a recurring theme for Kyle, having already created works around the Hudson River and Coney Island in New York. On arrival she quickly realized that experiencing London on foot was the best way to connect with the city’s vibrancy. In the studio, Kyle was given time to develop ideas and explore Winsor & Newton’s complete range of materials, including a preview of the new Cadmium-Free and Jewel collections in Professional Water Colours and Designer Gouache.

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