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The GOLDEN High Flow Line is Expanding!

37 NEW COLORS deliver even more breadth and versatility to artists. Now with 85 colors – High Flow becomes the largest range of ink-like, professional acrylics available. Formulated with an ultra-low viscosity and modified with flow improvers and retarders, they work great in airbrush, refillable markers and other drawing tools right out of the bottle. Already one of the most versatile paints we offer, this expanded palette will help more artists than ever find a use for High Flow acrylics in their studio.

Learn more about the High Flow Line extension here

QoR Artist Watercolor Half Pan Sets – Additional Video Assets Available!

To support the launch of our new QoR half-pan sets, we recently released a selection of photos and videos available for download. Two additional new videos are now available – Urban Sketch and Reflective! Check out the individual videos for each of our four new half-pan sets below.

Intensity Urban Sketch Granulators Reflective

Live Stream Alert: New QoR Artist Watercolor Half Pan Sets Demo

Join Stacy Rosende, Director of Education, Tuesday, September 27th on Facebook Live from 2-3 pm, as she demonstrates Golden’s NEW range of 6 color half pan sets from QoR Artist Watercolors, each with a specific theme:

  • URBAN SKETCH: A palette of granulating and non-granulating colors selected for its broad mixing range and textural possibilities.
  • INTENSITY: A well-balanced mixing palette of some of our most intensely vibrant colors.
  • GRANULATORS: Six of our highest granulating single pigment colors in one convenient set for the artists who adore this effect in their work.
  • REFLECTIVE: With three iridescent colors and three All-NEW interference colors, this specialty palette is the perfect tool to add some shimmer to your work.

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This Month We Highlight Some of our Videos and Articles that Feature Spray and Airbrush Application!

SoFlat Colors: Markers, Spraying and Masking 

Watch as Mike from our product support team demonstrates steps for applying SoFlat colors [Matte Acrylics] with markers, airbrush, atomizers and other spraying devices, as well as tips for achieving crisp hard edges with masks.

To watch the video, click here.

SoFlat for Spray Application

While SoFlat is designed to level after being brushed onto a surface, spray application (through an airbrush or HVLP system) can create surfaces that are even more consistent and even. This is a demonstration of how SoFlat colors can be modified for spraying by adding water and OPEN Thinner.

To watch the video, click here.

High Flow Acrylics for Airbrush, Striping, Textiles, Marbleizing, and Staining

Read along as Mike Townsend from our product support team discusses different application techniques with the High Flow line.

Read the full article here

Shipment Shutdown – QoR Masking Fluid

As you know, QoR Masking Fluid (7001600-2) is a natural latex-based product and accordingly, is not freeze-thaw stable. As a result, we are unable to ship this product safely during the colder winter months.

For 2022, we will cease shipping this product on November 4th.  Shipping is expected to resume in late March/Early April 2023. Please plan your inventory needs for this product and order accordingly.

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