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Artist Spotlight: Becca Tindol

September is Surfaces Month on our Customer Engagement Calendar so we connected with talented painter Becca Tindol for an interview. Becca is a full-time artist who has used art as a way to process emotional trauma. She spoke to us about what surfaces she likes working with, how painting is a spiritual process for her, and shares a bit about her journey as an artist.  Learn more about her below!   

  1. Where are you from and where do you currently reside? 

I was born in Connecticut while my Dad was in law school. I have lived in Alabama the majority of my life though and currently reside in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

  1. As a professional artist, what does your day-to-day look like?  

Nearly every day I am painting, finishing up projects, creating merchandise to sell on my website or at festivals/events, interacting with clients, and posting on multiple social media accounts. I play the role of not only an artist but a business owner, accountant, marketer, and more. I wake up excited to further my art career and make that my goal every day.

  1. What has kept you engaged and committed to your craft over the years? 

Honestly, I just have a natural passion and drive to create art. It is as natural as breathing to me. The wave of positive emotions that comes over me while painting or finishing a project is unexplainable.

  1. How have you grown as an artist in the past five years and what are the major contributing factors to your growth? 

I have only been painting consistently for about 4 years now. My journey has changed dramatically, I started painting just for fun but it has become so much more. Four years ago I was in school with the goal of becoming a paralegal, I had never even thought about being an artist full time. Being in school left me the space to pursue art since I wasn’t working and I soon discovered how fulfilling creating was. I processed many emotional traumas through creating and art became a spiritual path as well. I started posting my art online, sharing the meanings behind my pieces, and connecting with a community of people who appreciated my work. I soon started selling my paintings, prints, and more. Receiving so much support from others really pushed me to improve my skills and dedicate myself to my art. I decided that I wanted to spend every day painting and had to figure out how to do this full time. I knew I had to take a leap of faith and go for it once I graduated, which was a little over a year ago. I have experienced so much in the past few years, being a mother, getting married, graduating college, and becoming a full-time artist. Each of these experiences has made me really question what I want out of life, and I am choosing to follow my dreams. 

  1. What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve done?

It is very hard for me to pick a favorite since I love each painting for different reasons. Perhaps my Dream Tree piece is my favorite as it is the largest and most detailed painting I have done yet. My painting Journey Into the All Knowing Eye is also a favorite as it expresses my journey through healing from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and my spiritual awakening through art.

  1. What materials do you most commonly use?

I love to paint, I use mainly acrylics. I also use an airbrush and have made it a prominent tool I use in my art over the past year. Fluorescent paints are some of my favorites due to their brightness. Some of my favorite paint brands are Liquitex and Createx, I also prefer Iwata brand airbrushes and AIT paintbrushes. 

  1. What surfaces do you like working with and why?

I mainly use canvas as it is affordable and easy to find. I also love thrifting for wooden pieces such as boxes, shelves, cabinets, and more to paint on. 

  1. What are your website and social media links? 

My website is www.alteredmoonart.com and all my social media links can be found here www.linktr.ee/alteredmoonart 

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