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Art Dog of the Month: Happy Birthday to Drawing Board’s Althea

Althea, who just turned four last week, belongs to Liz Walsh, the owner of Drawing Board, an art supply store in Montpelier, Vermont. Althea came to Liz from Texas as a puppy and has been their #1 Customer Service staff member ever since her first day on the job. She loves to sit in the front window and watch the people go by.

Althea is a great helper at unpacking shipments and is a wonderful moral support to the staff. In her free time she likes hanging out with her favorite kitty friend Fredrix. She can be found on social media as #lifewithAlthea and #Fredrix.

The Community Peace Crane Project

The Drawing Board has had to temporarily close their doors due to shelter in place, but they are still helping people make art at home! “We really look forward to seeing all the cranes in one place when we reopen,” Liz says. “Our hope is to create an installation in our front window to welcome everyone back to the store. I love cranes; it is said you get a wish for each 1000 you fold. I am working to finish my third 1000 crane set in white and gold.”

They’ve launched the Peace Crane project and have sent out over 125 crane-making kits to customers who have ordered them: mostly local customers, but some people have ordered from across the country.

We look forward to seeing the cranes all in one place when the store reopens.

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