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MacPherson’s Creative of the Month: Kyle M

We’re pleased to introduce to you October’s Employee Artist, our Social Media Intern, Kyle M.!

Kyle’s interest in miniature painting first began with tabletop board games, taking time to “upgrade” the quality of the pieces with a few layers of acrylic paint when playing with friends.

Since then he’s expanded to more detailed pieces that are designed specifically for the model painting hobbyist. Kyle is astounded at the variety of skilled instructors with free videos on YouTube and Vimeo and continues to gain confidence with each lesson. All of this online support has led him to “upgrade” his art kit, and even start experimenting with airbrushing!

“The internet has made it easier to learn for free. I would never have tried airbrushing if I didn’t learn how to use it and create ‘zenithal highlights’ from all of these channels!” – Kyle M.

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