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Artist Spotlight: Pawel Kosior

This month, we spoke to Pawel Kosior, a talented oil painter originally from Poland. His surreal style stems from inspiration that comes from the world around him, different situations in life, his own reflections, books, and immeasurable resources of the Internet. For him, painting is an activity that gives endless opportunities to develop and grow. Read on to learn more about his journey as an artist.

Where are you from and where do you currently reside? 

I come from Zolynia in Poland, but I currently live in Glasgow, Scotland.

What drew you to working with oil paint, and how did it feel when you did it for the first time? 

In my artistic journey, I had a short episode with watercolors and acrylics at the beginning, but I knew from the start that I wanted to work with oils. It was probably because I liked so many paintings that were created with this medium. Apart from that, oils seemed to be one of the long-lasting mediums. My first oil paintings were made in 2015 and from what I remember I had a lot of fun discovering this medium. 

How would you describe your style?  

I think it is not easy to describe my style as it has spontaneously evolved over the years. I was not forcing anything and I was keen on experimenting with subjects and techniques. But if I was to define my art I would probably place myself somewhere close to surrealism or fantasy art.

What has kept you engaged and committed to your craft over the years? 

It has probably been the pure joy of creation. I was discovering the world around learning new things, and visiting places and art was an excellent way to express my ideas and thoughts about this world. A lot of my ideas come from books that I read and the situations I come across going through life. Art in general also showed me that learning is a never-ending process.

How have you grown as an artist in the past five years and what are the major contributing factors to your growth? 

It is difficult to assess my own growth in the field of art but there definitely has been some kind of progress in the way I approach the creative process. I grew older, my interests changed and I became more experienced technically those are all contributing factors. I also create more regularly and not just waiting for creative inspiration as in the past.

What materials do you most commonly use? 

Oil paint on a canvas. As for brushes I like to work with all sizes of flat synthetic ones, but I am currently in the process of discovering the advantages of bristle brushes.

Can you describe some of your favorite pieces you’ve worked on?

Every new painting is my favorite because the idea is still fresh and alive. I tend to finish my work within a week (sometimes longer) as there is always a risk of getting tired or simply bored with it. But if I was to go for one favorite – “How dare you?!”, based on the Internet meme was one of the works that I found challenging and funny at the same time. 

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming oil painters? Are there any tips or techniques you can offer? 

Be regular in what you do, do not stick to one idea, look for the outcome, and experiment. Technical things will come with practice, do not rush it.

You do not need a school to be an artist, zeal and motivation are what you need. 

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