You Don’t Know Jack…Or Do You? In Memory of Jack Franklin

Today we honor and remember Jack Franklin, a well-loved member of our industry passed away a few weeks ago. Category Manager Jeanine Davids writes:

“Known as Jack the Clerk, Hollywood Jack, or Broadway Jack, he was born in Oakland, CA on July 29th, 1940 and died in Oakland, CA on August 23rd, 2020. He was an entertainer, but mostly to keep himself entertained. This was the #1 way he lived his incredibly interesting colorful life. He had a love for the cinema and the theater, and was a living encyclopedia on those subjects. Jack added color and flair wherever he went, literally, because he painted every single one of his shirts with bright splashes of color. He ruined several irons before he realized his shirts now needed to be dry cleaned. 

There are so many things I could say about my dear friend Jack, but I’ll just share my favorite memory. In 2009 Jack decided to go to New York City to see a few Broadway Musicals. He saw 8 shows in 6 days. I met him there for his last day along with family and friends and saw the matinee performance of Hair where we got to be on the stage and sing with the cast for the final song Let The Sun Shine, and in the evening we saw Billy Elliot, Jack’s all time favorite musical.  An unforgettable day with an unforgettable person. Now you know Jack.”

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