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Winsor & Newton Surfaces: Maximizing Your Art Materials Performance From Colart

Winsor & Newton creates fine art materials and understands the importance of a paper’s performance in influencing the final work. However some artists don’t know what makes one paper perform better than another. So, Winsor & Newton works with expert papermakers to test quality papers and select superior surfaces that maximize the performance of the art material used, whatever your skill level.

Winsor & Newton is committed to sustainability, and the range is responsibly sourced with 80% of our papers certifiably sourced (FSC) and 40% made using renewable energy. Winsor & Newton papers are also vegan, as all materials used during the process are synthetic and not animal derived. 


Available in two levels, professional and regular, both ranges are of archival quality and are non-yellowing natural white. The Professional Watercolour paper is 100% cotton paper and traditional mould-made. It has optimal absorbency and extreme resistance to prevent warping. It is available in Hot Press, Cold Press and Rough. The regular Watercolour paper is 25% cotton cold-pressed paper and ideal for most watercolour styles. It is sized and treated for absorbance and warp resistance.


The non-absorbent, canvas-textured paper is crafted to ensure maximum colour brilliance. It is of archival quality for stability and resistance to ageing. The paper pads are ready to use with no preparation required. 


This fine grain, canvas-textured archival paper is designed for thick, layered paint applications. Artists can expect excellent rendering, high colour luminosity and faster drying times. Like the acrylic paper, the oil paper pads are ready to use with no preparation required.

Mixed Media

The multi-purpose paper is ideal for combining wet & dry mediums and techniques. The resistant heavyweight paper of archival quality is designed to withstand repeated working. The fine grain paper, available in wired pads with micro-perforated sheets, is easy to remove. 


The medium-textured cartridge paper is ideal for light sketching. The archival quality paper prevents yellowing and is resistant for repeated working. Available in various sizes, the sheets are micro-perforated for easy removal.

Bleedproof Marker 

A smooth, bleed-proof paper designed for optimal marker performance. This paper is specially treated to ensure rich, vibrant colours and clean, precise lines. The coated surface allows for perfect blending and unlimited tonal variations.


A superior quality, extra smooth paper for fine detail drawings and illustrations. The surface is heavy-weight and strong for repeated working. Extra white and perfect for final artworks and projects. 

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