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On February 27, 2019 the newly relaunched Liquitex website went live!  The new site provides an enhanced user experience via improved functionality and engaging content.  To help artists in their practice, offers a comprehensive look at the brand including new videos showing products in use, useful guides for working with acrylics and mediums, artist collaborations, and a library of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  We encourage your store staff to use as a resource to learn more about the brand and further guide their consumers.

Based on extensive research the website was created with 3 key user journeys in mind:

1. Product Information

“I want clear, scientific, technical, user-friendly information on the products I need and more”

2. How To’s (Tips & Techniques)

“I want to get underneath the skin of the products and all the ways I can use them, I want engaging and informative content”

3. Purchase Pathway

“I want to find out how and where I can buy them”

We believe this site is an extension of our belief that Liquitex products allow all artists the freedom to create across all formulas and formats, with archival results.

To learn more please visit the new!

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