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Tristan Eaton at the Long Beach Museum of Art – Montana Cans

All At Once – 25 years of Art & Design

Most people know the name, Tristan Eaton. And they should as this prolific native Los Angeles artist has participated in street art festivals all over the globe. He is a regular feature on street art blogs and social media, an active participant in gallery exhibitions, regularly spoken about on forums for contemporary street art, and the mastermind behind many creative progressive projects and creative campaigns through his expertise in design. You can even find his artwork on the side of the 10th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can, Horizon 5070.

However, there is a lot more to this artist than standing on scissor lifts in front of large-scale murals holding a Montana GOLD or BLACK can in hand. With a career starting in the streets and spanning over 25 years, Eaton is also a celebrated designer, fine artist, art toy pioneer, and all-around prolific creator. A point that is made obviously clear at his current first-ever solo museum retrospective, “All At Once – 25 years of art and design” at the Long Beach Museum of art. A milestone in the artist’s dynamic career, “All At Once” sheds light on the wide breadth of work by Eaton that defies categories and genres, while plotting the path taken through his creative career to get there. The exhibition also highlights one of Eaton’s unique strengths, being able to create and combine the business of creating, with high art, and product. The result allows the two to inhabit the same space with integrity, and equal relevance, within the various approaches to his work. A difficult position in art that is obtained by few other artists.

We were lucky enough to see this exhibition in the flesh. An awe-inspiring range of artworks that features paintings, sculptures, on-site murals, design work, as well as interactive pieces, that document Eaton’s role at the forefront of various art movements. Including his time out of the public eye cultivating an alter ego that defied the norms of street art with hundreds of artworks that were created outside of the legal realm. The show, which opened on July 16th, 2021 runs through until October 3rd, 2021. If you can’t make it yourself, take a moment to have a look at the work of Triston Eaton here!

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