Tribute to Valerie Hogan

Valerie started her career at Savoir-Faire in November 2011 and would have been coming up on her 10 year anniversary. She set a fine example in the office of being kind, professional, and the calm voice of reason. Her office door was always open and she got along with everybody. 

She was first hired as a sales coordinator and assisted Pierre Guidetti in sales meetings with key customers. Twice a year, she would travel with him to Chicago to meet with Blick. Additionally, she organized our many trade and consumer shows. Her warm, even keel attitude made her a central figure at Savoir-Faire who linked all the departments together.

One of Valerie’s passions was her horse that she rode all around Marin County. As an avid hiker, she enjoyed camping each year in the Sierras with her husband John and friends. She also took up beekeeping and shared small jars of honey with each of us. And let’s not forget the homemade pies she would share with us, wow! 

She was creative as well, always discussing knitting projects, exchanging gardening tips with other members of the team, and painting whenever she found the time. We are extremely grateful for the years we got to know Valerie. She was a lovely person and will be truly missed by all.  

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