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Tombow – Shading Tips with MONO Drawing Pencils 

Artist: Smitha 


Hello friends! As a self-taught artist, my all-time favorite and most used tool in my stash is a pencil. I’ll share a few easy pencil shading tips that you can incorporate into your drawings to quickly capture the details.

Draw Quick Outlines:

To draw those first lines onto my blank page, I always reach for the MONO  Drawing Pencil 2H or 4H. The H-grade pencil has a harder lead and is great for drawing light and thin lines. These are easily erasable, which is what you want while sketching out your initial flower shapes.

Draw Darker Details:

The MONO Drawing Pencils B, 2B, or 4B are all great to add a nice black onto the page. These pencils have a softer lead, and you can cover a larger area and color it in. TIP: I like to keep the pencil tips of my B pencils rather short and not pointy. This helps apply the pencil onto the paper smoothly. 

Create Gradients by Smudging:

The pencil marks of the B pencils can be smudged softly to create an ombre or gradient effect. You can use smudgers available in the market or simply roll up a piece of paper into a cone and use the paper tip to smudge the pencil. Cotton swabs might work here, too. Try using what you have!

Add White Details with a Fine Eraser:

The MONO Zero Eraser is so tiny and magical to use in your pencil sketches! I love adding tiny details such as veins on your leaves or highlights on your petals. Simply erase the pencil to reveal the white paper beneath.

Try Scribbling:

You can scribble quickly to cover large areas. Use an overlapping circle or messy scribbles to add a light grey detail to your sketch.

Here is how my final floral sketch turned out. I love the varied elements and the pencil easily captured the background and details. You can also recreate this with watercolors or paints. 

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