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Tombow DIY Black and White Halloween Banner

Find out how to make a chic DIY black and white Halloween Banner. It’s easy to make, looks great and you only need a few supplies to get started! 


Step 1: The first step is to cut out the pennants for the banner. An easy way to choose the size of your pennants is to divide the card or paper in half horizontally and then see how many pennants you can fit into each half. One side should be made up of triangles and the other side should have dovetail shapes. You can fit twice the number of triangles by having every second one upside down. Leave a strip at the top of each pennant to fold over the ribbon or string. Once you have your first set of shapes cut out, you can use them as a template for the rest.

Step 2: Create your designs. Once all the pennant shapes are cut out, it’s time to draw Halloween designs using Tombow MONO Drawing Pens and the Dual Brush Pen N15. Think about drawing ghosts, ghouls, haunted houses, witch silhouettes, spiders, bats, webs or jack-o-lanterns.

Step 3: Stick the pennants to the ribbon. Once all the pennants are completed, it’s time to stick them to the ribbon or string. Make sure the pennants are secure by folding the top of the card over the ribbon and use the Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive to stick the folded flap to the back of the pennant. To ensure a strong bond, place the folded section under a heavy book for a few minutes. Continue until all of the pennants are adhered to the ribbon. Then, it’s time to hang! The banner will look great above a fireplace, in a doorway or in a window.Submitted by Tombow. This post was originally authored by Jessica Mack and appeared on

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