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Tombow ABT PRO: New Lower Price, Same Great Product!

Tombow’s ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker is now available at a new lower price! In the current environment of cost increases, Tombow is decreasing the price of the ABT PRO product line based on cost savings realized due to increased global distribution, allowing the Tombow ABT PRO to be positioned more competitively in the market.

The same great product features two tips, alcohol-based permanent ink, and a slim barrel, the ABT PRO is ideal for artists and crafters alike. Tombow is excited to provide this high-quality product at an even more affordable price, enabling more consumers to create their best work.

Although the ABT PRO is similar in appearance to Tombow’s flagship Dual Brush Pen, there are several key differences between the two marker lines. The ABT PRO is distinguished from the Dual Brush Pen by its gray barrel and tip options – a flexible nylon brush tip on one end and a firm polyester chisel tip on the other.

The flexible brush tip consistently distributes ink as pressure changes, and the chisel tip retains shape even after heavy use. Designed with air-tight caps to prevent the alcohol ink from drying out, the ABT PRO also features inner caps that auto-center to protect the nibs when re-capping.

Available in 108 colors, including a blender pen, the ABT PRO color numbering system is similar to that of the Dual Brush Pen. This enables users to quickly identify which colors are the same across both lines. There are 18 colors unique to the ABT PRO line.

The alcohol-based ink of the ABT PRO offers intense color saturation and streak-free coverage. It is great for layering and shading to create fully saturated, rich color blends. Artists and crafters enjoy using the ABT PRO for portraits, architectural sketches, rubber stamping, coloring, and card making.

You can purchase the ABT PRO at its new lower price in open stock, five-pack assortments, and 12-pack assortments. 54-color and 108-color retail displays are also available.

New lower pricing:

Open stock – ABT PRO Brush Markers – $4.49  

Open stock – ABT PRO Brush Colorless Blender – $4.49  

5-packs – $19.99 

12-packs – $46.99

54-color display – $740.85

108-color display – $1,481.70

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