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Tips and Tricks for Online Engagement from GOLDEN

GOLDEN has nearly 200 videos in our Facebook libraries for GOLDEN, QoR Modern Watercolors and Williamsburg Oils; all of them are ready to share with your audiences. 

All of our videos are organized in playlists for easy access. Simply choose the video you’d like to share, click on it, and then click the “Share” button in order to post the video to your own page. 

Additionally, GOLDEN has begun to provide live demos and Q&As with our Working Artists and Materials and Applications Specialists. In order to be notified whenever GOLDEN goes live, please “Like” and “Follow” the page. In addition, you can turn on post notifications in order to be notified in your alerts. You can turn on notifications on the “Following” menu of the GOLDEN Facebook page. Check out our previous live videos and share them with your customers.

Four Tips To Engage Your Audiences Online

GOLDEN has found a few tips and tricks to be successful:

  • Be authentic. First and foremost, acknowledge the circumstances. We’re all affected by current events. Many of us are working from home. Don’t overproduce videos or expect perfection in your content right now. 
  • Use the tools at your disposal. Most social media platforms have the ability to live-stream content. This is a great way to connect with your audiences. The same suggestion applies: Don’t worry about the fanciest cameras or sets. Set yourself up somewhere comfortable and share what you can. 
  • Pull content from third party sources. Look for articles from publications like Hyperallergic, This is Colossal, or ArtNet News. Collect and share what you can that is relevant to your audiences. 
  • Use evergreen content. Re-use your own content! Go back through your catalog and use photos/videos that you haven’t shared in a while.

Should you need help accessing GOLDEN’s content, or simply wish to ask a question, feel free to contact our Community Experience Manager, Brent DeLanoy. You can email him at: bdelanoy@goldenpaints.com. 

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