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This Month We Highlight our Articles that Highlight Textile Techniques

Balancing Acrylic Paint for Marbling

“Marbling” is the time-honored artist technique where thinned paints are placed onto a thickened “bath” usually made from carrageenan or methylcellulose. The paints float on the surface of the bath and can be manipulated into beautiful and intricate designs, then printed onto paper, fabric, or another material prepared with a “mordant”.

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Painting on Leather

Leather companies have been using acrylics to paint leather for a very long time, so it should be no surprise that Golden Artist Acrylics can be used to paint leather as well. Which paint line to use and whether an additive is necessary is dependent upon the type of leather and how it was previously treated.

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Painting on Cotton Fabrics (Wearables)

This guide outlines various information and techniques for painting on fabric. There is an additional link at this page for more detailed information on various methods for painting on fabric. 

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GOLDEN Waterborne Varnish is Back! 

We are excited to introduce our newly formulated Waterborne Varnish to meet artists’ needs after a raw material discontinuation that halted production of Polymer Varnish in 2021. Varnish provides a layer of protection that resists retention of dirt and dust. A true “varnish” can be removed to facilitate cleaning, and Waterborne Varnish is removable in addition to containing Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers [UVLS] to provide protection from exposure to sunlight. Our Waterborne Varnish is for use on interior acrylic paintings and can be applied without the need for harsh solvents for thinning, cleanup or removal, or the ventilation and other precautions necessary when working with mineral spirit varnish. 

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New GOLDEN Acrylic Sets Now Shipping!

It’s been a long time in the works and we’re excited to introduce a refreshed acrylic sets assortment! Sets are often the first purchase for artists new to the brand or for artists looking to explore new products, and our redesigned acrylic sets work harder to attract these customers. The new sets are designed to stand up on the shelf for improved presentation and space efficiency. Dominant application images grab shoppers’ attention and communicate key features of the products inside, while prominent text communicates the concept and contents of each set. We also focused on sustainability — reducing the amount of packaging material, eliminating plastic boxes and shrink wrap, and sourcing certified FSC Mix paperboard.

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QoR & Williamsburg Product Discontinuations – Cobalt Violet 

The following skus of Cobalt Violet (P6000728) will no longer be manufactured but will be available until the current stock runs out. Please contact your sales representative or customer service with any questions. 

6000728-3Williamsburg Cobalt Violet Light
6000728-5Williamsburg Cobalt Violet Light
6000728-6Williamsburg Cobalt Violet Light
6000728-9Williamsburg Cobalt Violet Light
6003728-3Williamsburg SF Cobalt Violet Light
6003728-5Williamsburg SF Cobalt Violet Light
6003728-6Williamsburg SF Cobalt Violet Light
6003728-9Williamsburg SF Cobalt Violet Light
6003728-SWilliamsburg SF Cobalt Violet Light
7000285-1QoR Cobalt Violet

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