The Mask-Friendly Holiday We Know & Love: Halloween is Still a Thing!

Well, the world has turned upside down this year, but we’ve been perfecting our mask game and we’re well-versed in spooky stories, just in time for Halloween. Part of the appeal of Halloween is turning something scary into something entertaining. Something digestible. Something you can handle, even turn into a punny costume. So… in the “Why not?” spirit of the Customer Engagement Calendar, let’s scrape as much joy out of the bottom of 2020’s barrel and help inspire our creative community.

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday here at MacPherson’s. We’ve got a proven track record of celebrating in the office, in the field and in the distribution centers. Our industry is the craftiest, literally, so of course we love anything that calls for decorations, inspires fun activities, relieves stress and connects us to our friends and loved ones.

Still a Yes: Tried & True Halloween Faves

We brainstormed as to how we can inspire, delight and help our creative community connect with their crafty, playful side. Their fierce side. Not the anxious, tired, world-weary, meme-saturated wreck we all can identify with about every three days of 2020, as we move through our various cycles of stress, grief and self-soothing. So let’s cut through the brain fog and get to why you are really here: which products are still relevant, and is there a convenient list for ordering?

We will be on the lookout for your October special and Halloween celebrations. We continue to be amazed by the resiliency of art supply retailers in all kinds of situations. If you have a story for us, feel free to email or drop us a line in our DMs!

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