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The Art Supply Depō Joins iAMart

The Art Supply Depō, located in Toledo and Bowling Green, OH officially joined iAMart in December. Owner Jules Webster shares the news:

“We were excited to join a group with such a vast collective product knowledge and connection to others in our industry. I started my first art supply store in 2011 in the middle of a recession, in a depressed area, with no retail background. With the help of an amazing team of employees, all of whom are passionate community-centric artists and designers, we have built up the first location in Toledo and in 2016 opened a second location in Bowling Green, Ohio. Both stores are thriving without affecting the profitability of the other. We are amazed at what we were able to accomplish in the past with little to no help. iAMart’s members have suggested new lines for us to try and strategies to be competitive with online competition. We’re excited to collaborate with other people passionate about art materials. It’s mind-blowing what we have learned from the group in only one month.”

We love seeing stores working creatively and collaboratively; congratulations Jules and the whole team at Art Supply Depo!

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