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Thank ‘Fall’ with Grafix Opaque Black Film

Create your custom designs with Grafix unique line of blank surfaces. The right plastic film for all your craft, design, home décor, graphics, and art needs. Transform your mixed media projects with Grafix’s products, your source for the creative plastic film! Try these creative products to intensify your works of art; Opaque Black Dura-Bright and Clear All-Purpose Low Tack Frisket Film.

Create a custom unique Fall décor with this colorful Thank ‘Fall’ artwork using Grafix Opaque Black Film and Frisket Film, designed by Dee Chodan.


·         Grafix Opaque Black Dura-Bright/ Craft Plastic Film 9”x 12”

·         Grafix Clear All-Purpose Low Tack Frisket Film 9”x 12”

·         Isopropyl Alcohol

· Alcohol Inks – Magenta, Yellow, White, and Gold

·         Cricut Transfer Sheet 9″ x 12″

·         Scraper or credit card

·         Cricut Cutting Machine or X-Acto Knife & Cutting Mat

·        Kamar SprayUV Sealant Spray

·         Optional: Ink Dabber & Paintbrush



This project has an easy step-by-step instruction guide that can be printed and shared.  

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