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Studio Designs LightTracer®2

The LightTracer®2 is a versatile and affordable tool for larger tracing projects. With an 80% larger work surface and brighter illumination than the original LightTracer®, the LightTracer 2 provides plenty of room for all your transferring and embossing needs. This lightbox is ideal for calligraphy, fabric decorating, tracing patterns or artwork, quilting, or diamond art. It features a conveniently slanted 18” x 12” illuminated work surface and a handy recessed tray for holding pencils, markers or embossing tools.

The Artograph Futura Light Table combines the best features from both of our brands to create a stylish and affordable light table. This table’s durable construction and elegant silhouette, along with multiple storage options, make it our most successful artist desk. The tempered glass top features a secured LED light pad underneath it, providing a light source that runs along the entire width and depth of the tabletop. The LED light pad is dimmable and offers varying brightness from 500 to 5500 lumen. With a durable aluminum frame, the light pad offers cool light and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This light table is excellent for tattoo artists, animators, and illustrators looking to transfer/trace a design. Great for drawing, calligraphy, drafting, scrapbooking, quilting, and sewing. With most light tables selling for twice as much, this drawing table with a built-in light source will soon be a favorite for artists and drafters.

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