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Strathmore Award Winning Online Workshops Return

Take advantage of Strathmore’s online consumer workshop series and increase your store’s traffic and sales. Promote the workshops in your store, on your website, on social media and drive sales as students purchase from the class supply list (there were over 51,500 video views on the workshop site in 2018).

The Strathmore 2019 Online Workshops feature three different topics, with each series including four video lessons and downloadable instructions. Students follow along as instructors guide them through various topics and demonstrate useful tips, techniques, ideas and inspirations to get students creating and learning about art. Visit Strathmore Artist Papers for more information about the 2019 Online Workshops.

Here’s the lineup:

► Workshop 1: Realistic Drawing with Charcoal

Instructor: Kirsty Partridge

Start Date: March 4, 2019

► Workshop 2: Urban Sketching Essentials

Instructor: Alphonso Dunn

Start Date: May 6, 2019

► Workshop 3 – Intro to Painting with Gouache

Instructor: Myriam Tillson

Start Date: September 3, 2019

Once the videos are released on the site, they are available for anyone to view at any time for free without creating an account. However, if students want to interact with the instructors in discussion forums or upload images to the gallery, they can create an account to access those special features. Students can also create an account to interact with their friends on the site and create their own profile.

Original artwork from Lesson 2 by Instructor Kirsty Partridge

Workshop #1 Now Open: Realistic Drawing with Charcoal • Instructor: Kirsty Partridge

Students can now go to the workshop website and follow along to all four of Kirsty’s tutorials on Realistic Drawing with Charcoal. Kirsty’s lessons demonstrate basic techniques, along with drawing realistic florals, animals, and portraits.

Kirsty is a self-taught artist who specializes in creating photo-realistic drawings with charcoal and colored pencil, as well as more expressive watercolor paintings. In three years, Kirsty has surpassed 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube art channel, Kirsty Partridge Art. In her videos, Kirsty teaches her drawing and painting techniques for a range of different mediums and subject matters. She made the Realistic Charcoal Drawing tutorials especially for us.

Lesson 1: Materials and Basic Techniques

Lesson 2: Floral Study

Lesson 3: Drawing Realistic Animals in Charcoal

Lesson 4: Drawing Portraits in Charcoal

Share these workshop lessons in your stores, on your website and on your social media pages to drive engagement and increase sales. Access the supply list here for Workshop 1.

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