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Reduce Waste, Save Space with Winsor & Newton ProMarker’s New Packaging

Winsor & Newton ProMarker sets are now available in sleeker, slimmer packaging that requires 40% less space so you can fit more in store! The packages’ plastic mass has been reduced by 60% and the color labels as well as the nib icons are improved and more visible. ProMarker and ProMarker Brush are alcohol-based ink markers with professional quality dyes for streak-free coverage. The translucent ink allows for smooth blending and easy layering into a variety of further subtle nuances. The high-quality nibs provide perfect control of line and ink flow.

Winsor & Newton is working to improve the ProMarker brand by bringing the four varieties under the ProMarker name (original, Brush, Neon and Metallic). The name change will help consumers better associate all ProMarkers as one range under the Winsor & Newton brand. While ProMarker and ProMarker Brush are alcohol-based, ProMarker Neon is a water-based ink and ProMarker Metallic contains pigment-based ink.

The portability, versatility and simplicity of markers has made them one of the most popular paint media to use. Sets are popular among artists, especially as starter packs or as gifts. Black is the best selling color, followed by greys and natural skin tones. The ProMarker range has several greys and skin tones sets available. 

Metallics are the new neutrals across industries, including fashion and beauty.

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