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ProMarker Watercolour: New Name & Look for Winsor & Newton Watercolor Markers

Image Credit: Vivian Chien (@vchienart) 

Winsor & Newton’s unique and high performing watercolor markers are joining the ProMarker family with a new name and look: ProMarker Watercolour. The twin-tipped markers made from water-based pigment ink have performed well when placed in the drawing section of retail and eComm as opposed to the watercolour section. 

Promarker Watercolour have the bold and sharp qualities of a marker combined with the subtlety of colors and effects of watercolour paint in a portable marker perfect for on the go sketching and painting. There is a fine point on one end and a flexible brush on the other, helping artists create a variety of line thicknesses and detailing.

The water-based pigment ink allows for flexibility to come back to the artwork at any time as the ink can be reactivated with water. The high-quality pigments will not fade.

ProMarker Watercolour sets are now in the new ProMarker set packaging. The sleek, slim packaging provides a clear view of the color selection within each set. In addition to the previously available 6- and 12-piece sets, new thematic sets are available in floral, foliage, landscape and sky.

Available in 36 colors, each display (shown below) holds 20 colors. Use two displays to show the entire range. Order your assortment today using code WNWCMARK20 for the 20 facings assortment and WNWCMARK40 for the 40 facings assortment. 

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