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POW! WOW! 2019

Nine years ago the team at POW! WOW! probably didn’t think that they would be knocking out world class art festivals all over this ball we call earth. But for nearly a decade now, they have. This February, heading into its ninth round, the festival returned to its original home of the Kaka’ako in Hawaii.

Video by Andrew Tran of Redefined Media

Between February 8th and the 17th, POW! WOW! didn’t just empty loads of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans, there were also art installations, a block party alongside the Honolulu Night Market, an exhibition curated by Thinkspace, indoor soccer games, break dancing battles, and an Endless Summer Jam. And it all ended with a big bang in the form of an EMINEM concert at Aloha Stadium.

Back to where it all began

The 2019 POW! WOW! HAWAII episode featured 60 artists with 40 of them originating from Hawaii. Names like HOW and NOSM, Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, OG Slick and Crash (to name just a very few), were bound to inspire the locals and help bring out the best in everyone. The artwork speaks for itself:

In 2018 the POW! WOW! festival circuit took in Honolulu, Hawaii; Washington D.C.; Kathmandu, Nepal; Long Beach, California; Worcester, Massachusetts; Rotterdam, Netherlands; San Jose, California; and Kobe, Japan.

Images by @1ill510, @brendendonahue_, @bshigeta, @immanuelahiable, @lannycatcheswalls, @kosk_ & @lannycatcheswalls

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