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Plein Air Departments That Sell

With May featuring Plein Air as our focus on the Customer Engagement Calendar, let’s take this month to review all that encompasses Plein Air, and how to capture the imagination of your customers. Depending on where you live in the country, Plein Air can be a year-round activity or a blissful 3-month respite from the clutches of winter. Use the resources below to discuss all that falls under this activity with your team, and engage your customer base!

Fun Fact: We created the images throughout this article, using the free resources on Feel free to use these images for your store’s marketing purposes, or check out our tutorial to learn how to make your own.  

Everything Plein Air

Simply put, any art that you can create outside falls under “Plein Air.” Saying “Plein Air” evokes many images; graffiti artists in an alley, urban sketchers outside Grand Central Station in New York, oil painters along the Seine in Paris, even little ones using chalk to create a perfect hopscotch track. 

When capturing the imagination of your customer base, identify products that could be of interest to someone who feels creative outdoors and call them out. It’s not just easels and pochade boxes (though spring is the perfect time to market these), you should highlight products throughout your entire store: travel brushes, mini sketchbooks, art bins, palette cups, washable palettes, wet canvas carriers, canvas pads, water brushes, etc. How might you call these out? In store, try cutting out some images of the sun or leaves and place them near these products. 

Get Out There! (on Social Media)

Through the pandemic, you were sure to have put a renewed energy into your social media. We hope you can use some of these quotes on your social media pages.

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