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Papercut Lampshade with Maria Marinoni

Excel Blades is excited to share a new video made by artist and influencer Maria Marinoni!  There is nothing better than recreating a cozy “home-sweet-home” mood in the coldest and darkest of seasons. This papercut lampshade by Maria Marinoni is the perfect DIY deco idea to make a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Whether you make it a gift for someone or just want to brighten up the space, this DIY project gets your imagination going!



Excel Blades K1 Aluminum Knife

Clear Cutting Mat

White Card Paper

Double-sided adhesive tape


LED Tealight



Step 1 – Grab your white rectangle paper and start hand-drawing a simple pattern

Step 2 – Draw a lot of those little points along your pattern; they are super important for your tealight

Step 3 – Grab your K1 Knife and cut all the little points and don’t forget to cut every part

Step 4 – Push down the points with your knife or pencil

Step 5 – Take your double-sided tape and fit a piece from top to bottom

Step 6 – Take the other end of the paper and stick it to the tape so it creates a “lampshade”

Step 7 – Insert tealight inside, and you’re done!

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