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Painting with Williamsburg Neutral Grays

Take a quick look at the creation and use of neutral gray colors within the Williamsburg Artist Oil Colors palette with Greg from our Materials & Applications Team. We also review value within the Munsell color system and its utility in neutralizing colors while preserving their value, as well as the Grisaille practice of underpainting in grayscale (or black and white) then applying color glazes. 

Link to Williamsburg Color Data Chart (includes Munsell, CIE, and L.a.b.): 

Link to video:

All That Glitters

Watch Kevin Greeland, GOLDEN Education Program Manager, as he takes a deeper look at iridescent acrylic colors, their application, their effects, and potential uses.

Exploring a Limited Watercolor Palette for Winter

Join Stacy Rosende, GOLDEN Education Director, as she explores a limited palette of only 4 QoR colors curated for painting winter landscapes.

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As we look to the end of 2021 and the start of a new year, we wish all who celebrate the happiest and healthiest of holidays. From all of us at Golden Artist Colors, thank you for sharing this year with us. We look forward to seeing what the future brings. 🎨

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