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Painted Pumpkins with Amsterdam Standard Acrylics and Inks

It’s fall, and that means one thing: pumpkins! So rather than carve, why not paint? Here is a fun project for all ages.


1: Clean the pumpkins with soap and water then wipe the surface with 91% Isopropyl alcohol to remove any wax.

2: Choose to paint or stain the pumpkin depending on your preferred design. Or paint your design directly onto the orange skin itself, using the natural color of the pumpkin to enhance the image. Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Colors and Inks are available in a wide variety of transparent, semitransparent, and opaque colors. 

The inks are great for staining and creating a distressed or grunge look. While the heavier and perhaps an opaquer color in Amsterdam Standard works well to transform the traditional orange shade into something out of the ordinary, while maintaining that distinctive pumpkin shape.

3: To make the design pop consider using Amsterdam Gesso as a base for design elements. The colors are exceptionally opaque and create a receptive surface to work onto. Amsterdam Gesso is available in black, white, and transparent.

Submitted by Royal Talens

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