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Odd Nodd Art Supply, Making Moves

Odd Nodd Art Supply in Lansing, Michigan recently moved and opened a new location. Odd Nodd’s mission is to encourage and supply local artists, both established and emerging, in all their creative endeavors. We reached out to learn more about their move, and how the first few weeks at their new location have been.

How has the transition been from the old location to the new?

“We feel extremely lucky to have made it through nearly five months of being closed to the public. At the time we had only been open for six months, and nobody could have predicted what the upcoming year would look like. Luckily for us, Lansing has a thriving scene of artists itching for a unique and knowledgeable independent art supply store. We quickly built an enthusiastic customer base that supported and promoted us through our shutdown with online sales, gift cards and curbside pickups. Due to some additional financial assistance from the city of Lansing and the SBA, we were able to explore options to relocate the business to a part of our city that is part of Lansing’s historic arts district, Old Town Lansing. We jumped at the chance.”

How is your community doing?

“Like everyone, we are all scared and wondering what comes next. We are doing all we can to provide a safe workplace and a safe shopping experience for those who choose to visit us. But we also recognize that a significant portion of our customers are still not comfortable with in person shopping. Because of this we have been active in using our social media to promote new merchandise online and promote the use of our curbside pickup as a safe alternative to in person shopping. As I mentioned, we have been very lucky to have an enthusiastic arts community in Lansing that loves supporting small businesses. It is still a very stressful time for everyone, we are doing everything in our power to make it safe while serving our community’s needs.”

How have the first few weeks in your new space been?

“We have had a wonderful reception at our new location so far. Our new business neighbors have welcomed us with open arms, and our regular customers have nearly broken down our doors trying to get a look at our new space. We now have some beautiful streetside windows and amazing interior space to customize and show off in ways that we could not previously. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to make this transition at this time of uncertainty in the world, and we are looking forward to what the next year will bring.”

Owner Casey Sorrow and his son hanging out outside of the new storefront!

What are you looking forward to the most?

“The holiday season is upon us, we are trying to focus on that at this time. However, even though we’ve only had a small taste of winter, we can’t help but dream about the upcoming summer months. The area of Lansing that we moved to is known for its summer art and music festivals. When the world returns to some kind of safe normal, we are particularly looking forward to being part of those summer events. Old Town Lansing has always been incredibly supportive of the arts and we are excited to be part of that community.”

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