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News from GOLDEN: New Sizes, Social Media Calendar & World Watercolor Month

Exciting Heavy Body Colors Now in Our Most Popular Size!

Our brilliant Fluorescent colors and glow-in-the-dark Phosphorescent Green will be available in 2 oz. tubes this fall. 

1010-2 Bone Black

For artists seeking intense, glowing color that appears to pop off the canvas, there is no alternative! Fluorescent colors are produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating, and are not lightfast.

Item #Item DescriptionSizeUPC #Series2020 List

0004605-2HB Fluorescent Blue2 fl. oz./59 ml738797460522514.29
0004615-2HB Fluorescent Chartreuse2 fl. oz./59 ml738797461529514.29
0004620-2HB Fluorescent Green2 fl. oz./59 ml738797462021514.29
0004625-2HB Fluorescent Magenta2 fl. oz./59 ml738797462526514.29
0004630-2HB Fluorescent Orange2 fl. oz./59 ml738797463028514.29
0004640-2HB Fluorescent Orange-Yellow2 fl. oz./59 ml738797464025514.29
0004645-2HB Fluorescent Pink2 fl. oz./59 ml738797464520514.29
0004650-2HB Fluorescent Red2 fl. oz./59 ml738797465022514.29
0004900-2HB Phosphorescent Green2 fl. oz./59 ml738797490024717.69

Check Out the July Facebook Live Calendar from GOLDEN!

To increase engagement with artists during this period of social distancing, Golden Artist Colors is streaming on Facebook Live featuring Working Artists and Materials & Application Specialists who have agreed to participate in live sessions to share best practices, techniques, and tips to benefit artists of all levels! A few different types of events will be featured, including:

Ask Me Anything events are hosted by Materials & Application Specialists who provide real time responses to questions and comments from the audience on a wide range of topics. 

Live Virtual Demos with GOLDEN Certified Working Artists featuring techniques to create different effects using GOLDEN products, and respond to viewer questions. 

Customers can join these events (schedule attached and more to come) by following the Golden Facebook page. Followers may opt to receive notifications on upcoming events. 

Please help us share these events with your customers using your email lists and on social media!

Contact Stacy Rosende for help sharing these events. 

GOLDEN Sponsors World Watercolor Month

This July marks the 5th anniversary of World Watercolor Month (WWM) and for the third year in a row, GOLDEN has signed on as a sponsor. WWM grew from a simple idea – Paint every day! The central theme every year is a list of daily prompts published by the founders (Doodlewash) for each day in July. Artists are encouraged to interpret the prompts however they’d like and share their progress daily on social media. With so many summer events cancelled, and artists stuck at home, 2020 is sure to be the biggest and most active WWM audience to date!

To acknowledge this crucial period for watercolors, we’ve adjusted the MAP policy for all QoR products for 2020 to continue through the end of July:

–          Adjusted 40% off MAP March 2, 2020 – July 31, 2020

To connect with artists during this crucial promotional period, QoR Modern Watercolors will be quite busy on all of our social media channels in July, and we invite all of our trade partners to come join us:

–          Facebook Live Events: Come watch members of the GOLDEN Working Artist team interpret the daily prompt in real-time on QoR’s Facebook page.

o    7/1 – Jenny Granberry

o    7/8 – Nancy Seiler

–          Instagram content: Find and share posts inspired by the World Watercolor Month prompt on our Instagram channel daily for all of July! Additionally, we’ll be sharing sample offers with our audience weekly. To follow along, and share with your audiences, find us on Instagram @QoRwatercolors.

Here’s a brief trailer highlighting WWM:

Pigment Shortage May Affect Access to Specific Colors in Retail Stores

Due to a shortage at our pigment supplier, availability of products containing the blue pigment PB60-Indanthrone will be limited until the 4th quarter of 2020. The following colors and sets are impacted, and will become unavailable as existing inventory is exhausted:

1005Heavy Body Anthraquinone Blue
952-0OPEN Modern Theory Mixing Set
1454Heavy Body Hookers Green Hue
8522High Flow Indigo (Anthraquinone)
1253Heavy Body Permanent Violet Dark
959-0High Flow Marker Set
912-0HB Modern Theory Mixing Set
964-0High Flow Drawing Set
2005Fluid Anthraquinone Blue
6000985Williamsburg Indanthrone Blue
2253Fluid Permanent Violet Dark
7000335QoR Indanthrone Blue
7005OPEN Anthraquinone Blue
7000395QoR Hookers Green
7253OPEN Permanent Violet Dark

We will be sending a follow-up communication toward the end of the year, when these products are once again available to order.

If you have any questions, please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative or your GOLDEN Customer Service Representative at 607-847-6154 or 800-959-6543.

New ‘Studio Essentials’ BTS Program from GOLDEN

The GOLDEN Back-to-school promotion for 2020 will help our retail partners and artists everywhere rebound from the challenges of the pandemic. In lieu of any previously announced BTS offer for 2020, GOLDEN is now offering additional discounts and educational content supporting a range of products essential to every professional studio.

WHAT: All GOLDEN and Williamsburg items included at 60% off. Studio Essentials containing GOLDEN, Williamsburg, and QoR items available at 62.5% off. Contact your Macpherson Sales Representative for the list of materials the promotion is applicable to or simply review the Fall Back-To-School Buyer’s Guide.

WHEN: Orders accepted now through September 27.

MAP: Everyday 30% limit from April 20th to July 19th, 40% limit runs from July 20th to September 25th. MARKETING SUPPORT: The GOLDEN education team will introduce new videos and social media content featuring product overviews and application tips to enhance studio practices of artists at all levels!

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