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News from Golden Paints: Call For Artists, Product Updates & New Exhibition

Golden Artist colors, Inc. is seeking candidates to fill the position of GOLDEN Certified Working Artist to cover key market regions with home-bases in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and Nashville/Memphis/Louisville and Toronto, Canada. GOLDEN Certified Working Artists have gone through extensive training and are contracted with GOLDEN to conduct lectures on GOLDEN Acrylics, QoR® Modern Watercolors, and Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors.

Training consists of an in-depth study of technical aspects of GOLDEN products, best practices, and vast exposure to a variety of teaching tools suited for artists at any level of experience in acrylic, oil, and watercolor. 

Candidates should have an established history of teaching art with an active class and workshop schedule and be a practicing artist with proficiency in acrylics, oils, and watercolor.

If you have an artist in your community who you think might be interested in applying, click here for more information.

Celebrating Local Art Educators & Students with Exhibition on March 7

Golden Artist Colors has partnered with the Earlville Opera House, Upstate Institute at Colgate University, along with the DCMO, Madison-Oneida and Herkimer County BOCES to host its fourth Master Teacher Art Exhibition. The exhibition at the Earlville Opera House will feature artwork by nine local art teachers who participated in the recent Master Teacher Program at Colgate University. New this year, the exhibition will also highlight artwork created by students of each art teacher, filling two Galleries with beautiful artwork!

In the summer of 2019, Golden Artist Colors offered a professional painting instruction course for art teachers at Colgate University. The 2-week professional development program, which was focused on helping participants explore a range of painting media and techniques to reinforce or establish their own voice began in mid-July and was instructed by local artist Amy McKinnon. Amy is a painter living and working in upstate New York. She received a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in painting and ceramics and an MFA from Tulane University in painting. In addition to being a practicing and showing painter, she has also taught painting and drawing at the university level, worked in painting restoration and conservation and also worked in the Lab at Golden Artist Colors answering technical questions of customers, testing and applying paints, and teaching about materials.

Reformulation of Williamsburg Van Dyke Brown

Due to the pigment Bituminous Earth being discontinued by the manufacturer, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. has found it necessary to reformulate the existing Van Dyke Brown.

Because of Van Dyke Brown’s historical significance and important color space, GOLDEN has decided to keep the name, but use alternative pigments moving forward. Van Dyke Brown will remain in the Williamsburg family of colors, but it will now be made with PBk9 Ivory Black and PR101 Synthetic Transparent Red Iron Oxide. Look for our Just Paint Newsletter article on understanding the new blends, on, targeted for publication by end of February.

The new item numbers and UPC codes are:

Item Code                Description       Size                   UPC Code

6001680-3Van Dyke Brown150 ml tube738797017917
6001680-5Van Dyke Brown8 oz. can738797017924
6001680-6Van Dyke Brown16 oz. can738797017931
6001680-9Van Dyke Brown37 ml tube738797017948

The new reformulation of Van Dyke Brown will be available in the April-May 2020 timeframe along with new rack labels M622111 and M622114.

If you have any questions, please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative or your GOLDEN Customer Service Representative at 607-847-6154 or 800-959-6543.

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics 5 oz. Tube Expansion

Starting early February, all OPEN Acrylic colors will be available in 5 oz. tubes, offering more choice to the growing community of artists enjoying the benefits of slow-drying acrylics.

·   Less Waste – OPEN Acrylics will stay wet for the duration of a painting session. When kept in a sealed palette, paint mixtures can stay wet for months so artists can stop or start painting anytime.

·   Time – Slow-drying gives artists time to relax and enjoy manipulating paint on canvas.

·   Control – OPEN mixes and matches with other GOLDEN color formulas perfectly, so artists can use OPEN to create slower drying blends with Heavy Body or other acrylics, or use regular acrylics to accelerate OPEN drying.

·   Ease – OPEN allows artists to blend and create traditional oil-like effects without solvents and messy cleanup.

With the expanded 5 oz. offering, a new OPEN 30 Facing Part B display will also be available.

Please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative for more details.

All-New QoR® Watercolor Set Merchandiser System

The new QoR Set Merchandiser displays sets in an upright position on standard gondola shelving units. Easy to use, the system allows you to go from box to stocked shelf in under 10 minutes! Available in 5 pre-defined configurations, the new system delivers clear benefits to your customers:

·   Upright orientation allows for excellent visibility

·   Products automatically front-face due to spring-loaded construction, helping to maintain clean, uniform shelf

·   Expandable sides on each tray allow for setup flexibility and ensure functionality for future

Get an extra 20% discount on pre-orders now through May 1, 2020. New Set Merchandiser System will begin shipping May 4. For additional details and further questions, contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative.

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