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Rethinking Acrylics for Plein Air –

Watch as Greg from our product support team takes you through the unique qualities of GOLDEN OPEN Slow-Drying acrylic paints and their suitability for painting outdoors (where regular acrylics dry too fast) as well as other advantages of using OPEN for your next painting.

Creating 2D & 3D Acrylic Skins –

Watch as Stacy discusses acrylic skins–what they are, why you might want to make them, and what materials you can use to create them.

SoFlat Colors: Markers, Spraying, and Masking –

Watch Mike from our product support team demonstrate steps for applying SoFlat colors with markers, airbrush, atomizers, and other spraying devices, as well as tips for achieving crisp hard edges with masks.

Go Deep into Earth [colors] with Williamsburg –

Greg from our product support team will take you through the extensive palette of earth colors offered in Williamsburg Oil paints, breaking down the differences between natural, mined pigments, and colors that have been synthesized. Explore the texture, transparency, and utility of these colors in your painting! 

Join Golden Artist Colors on Social Media! 

August already!? Before we know it, classes will start up again and artists will be restocking their studios for a new season of painting. On social media, we are shifting gears to focus on high utility products we call Studio Elements. This month, we’ll share videos and posts about these products which include black and white paints for GOLDEN and Williamsburg, GOLDEN Gesso and Mediums such as GAC 900 and Glazing Liquid, and QoR Watercolor Grounds and the 24 Color Set. 

We’ll also discuss varnishing watercolor paintings in the run up to September’s Breaking Glass show at The Painting Center in NYC. 

You can view our complete video schedule for August and download a shareable PDF by clicking here.

To watch videos and events, just visit the appropriate channel on the dates/times listed on the calendar. We hope you’ll join us! Happy painting! 

Golden Artist Colors, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, and QoR Watercolors

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If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative.

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